7 warning signs of cancer

Cancer is an irregular growth of cells in a particular part of the human body. This process, which will begins with the transformation of one cell and then progressively spreads to new cells.

In the first instance of cancer, the person does not feel any difference or discomfort. As a result, many people do not recognize that cancer is developing inside the body.
As a result, cancer is incurable, causing them to die. Doctors say that cancer is easily cured if it is detected early.

As time goes on, cancer becomes more difficult to heal and the cancer cells pass through the blood then the tumors begin to develop. Due to the artificial food we eat today and the air we breathe, the chemicals in our bodies; we can’t tell when cancer will develop.

So if we know to detect the underlying cause of cell progression or the symptoms associated with it, it is precious.
Today, we’re going to talk about 7 warning signs of cancer.

01-Bumps beneath the skin

It is essential to have a self-exam at least once a month for breast and testicular areas, which can cause cancer. If you notice a lump that does not appear before, consult a doctor immediately.

A lump on the breast, a swollen stain, swelling of the breast skin doctors call these the basic features of breast cancer. While other causes may cause these. It is better to act now than regret it.

And when the testicles become cancerous, the prostate glands become swollen. It can cause urinary incontinence, less urination, or urinary tract problems. Over time, the scrotum will gradually become inflamed, causing pain, swelling of the feet, numbness of the feet, and discomfort of the feet.

02-Redness, swollen red spots on the skin

If you do not have skin rashes like psoriasis or eczema, there are red spots, swollen, and persistent spots on the skin for no reason. Because the cancer cells in her body are created, our immune system works to fight it off.

It is a reaction to this battle that the symptoms mentioned above occur on the skin.

03-Bumps in the tongue, bumps near throat , bumps into the cheek

A lump that has never been present in the mouth for two weeks or more may be a precursor to the oral, esophagus or gastric cancer. It is essential to be aware of white bumps that are not painful, especially when touching or eating your mouth.

White and red spots on the mouth, injuries and difficulty in moving the tongue and opening the mouth Doctors call it a precursor to cancer of the mouth.

04-Non-healing cuts and scratches

If you do not have diabetes or platelet-lowering dengue, a small cut or scratch It should heal in a week. But, if cancer begins to develop, the immune system expends all its energy to fight it.

Therefore, the healing of wounds is delayed. So beware of such situations.

05-Abnormality in urine

Urine is one of the best ways to diagnose a condition in the body. An abnormal color, a strong odor, sharp foam and the presence of blood in the urine can be a predictor of bladder cancer.

Uterine gland cancer, cancer that is common in men and can cause pain and the difficulty in urinating, frequent urination, and bleeding with urine. Therefore, when urinating daily, be aware of this.
If you see such symptoms, consult a doctor without delay.

06-Persistent dry cough

The leading cause of coughing is Phlegm in the lungs. But if you have a persistent cough with Phlegm, especially if you have a frequent cough for no apparent reason, you are at risk of developing cancer cells inside your lungs.

So before the situation gets worse, see a doctor and find out exactly why.

07-Irregular bleeding in the vagina

Early cervical cancer may indicate vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse. Cervical cancer is common cancer in most women. Cervical cancer is second only to breast cancer. The most common victims of cervical cancer are women aged 35-45 years. Early detection can cure cervical cancer.

Do not let your illnesses ruin your life. If your close friend or you have any of these symptoms, see a doctor immediately.

By RMG Perera

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