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Improve sleep hygiene

Improve sleep hygiene

How to improve sleep hygiene I often hear from people about their lack of good quality restful sleep. Now whether you lack this due to mental health struggles like I have with anxiety or other things. Whether it’s overwork over scheduling too much Netflix. And we just kind of usually call this like good habits, …

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how to get rid of sadness

How to get rid of sadness

Feeling sad? What we need to do to get rid of depression and sadness? Arousing sad feelings in anyone’s heart is natural. Many people do not worry about those feelings because they are not permanent. But for some people feel sad in many times. So those feelings stays in the heart and causes for suffering. …

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Why do people wear masks

Why do people wear masks

Why do people wear masks? Let’s talk about face masks and their use in the Covid 19 pandemic. This is a complicated topic and anyone talking about it like it isn’t as if the correct answer is super simple and obvious they’re not the one. the only thing simple or obvious about this topic is …

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