Types of muscles in human body

One day morning Gihan (it’s me) decided to go to the gym. he started by running on the treadmill and then he lifted some weights. the next day, he felt pain everywhere in his body.

Has this ever happened to you? do you feel extreme pain when you suddenly change your workout or you’ve done some extra strain is physical activity?
So what do you think what actually in your body undergoes the spin? can be your bone or your nerve or maybe your skin. does your skin fail? no. it’s your muscle.

Today we are learning about this important problem system called muscle tissue in our body.

Did you know that it takes only 17 muscles on your face to smile and 43 muscles to frown. so, the model here is that useless muscles on your face and keep smiling and be happy all ways.

Okay so let’s continue. one word which we should learn to associate with the word muscle is movement.

Now for any movement of our body and muscles have a very important role to play. so, when Gihan was running his thigh and calf muscles were working hard for that movement.

And when he lifted those dumbbells his upper arm muscles which we commonly known as bicep were put to use.
When we look into these muscles the failure has a very special feature of contractions and extension. because of some special protein present in them.
And therefore, in a workout, it is contraction and extension It helps to flex and contract muscles. and hence a person gets to muscular build.

Contraction and Extension
Contraction and Extension.

What are a few of the commonly known muscles that we know?

We know our biceps. we know our calf muscles. we know hamstrings and the very famous our ABS.

We are commonly known muscles
We are commonly known muscles.

But if we closely look, we will see that all these muscles which I just mentioned are all attached to our bones in our skeleton. and hence the muscles that are attached to a skeleton are rightly termed as skeletal muscles of our body.
These muscles are covered with nerve endings. and therefore, when the brain asks for any movement any sudden movement it is these muscles that perform that movement.

So, like we know when we pull back a hand this happens by our will correct. so, since we control every movement by these muscles, they are called the voluntary muscles of our body.
This is also known as striped muscles in our body.

Striations of Stripes
Striations of Stripes.

Don’t get confused by the main. it’s just because of the texture that this muscle has got its name as striated muscle. also, you see that the stairs here are long and cylindrical. and you see something unusual about them. yes.

Unlike normal cells, they have more than just one nucleus it is multinucleated. but can you think of an answer why are you multinucleated. think.

Long and cylindrical and Multinucleated
Long and cylindrical and Multinucleated.

Our body Smooth muscle

These muscles that we just saw are not only muscled that makeup in the muscular system in our body.
Like we’ve said muscles and the word movement go hand in hand. so inside Gihan’s body, there is a lot of movement which isn’t visible to us. like when Gihan eats some food.

That food has to move and travel to the stomach and passed through the inter style. so, these hollow organs which help in digestion are all made up of smooth muscle.

And it is these muscles that help in the transport of food through the GI tract by contraction and relaxation of muscles.

Let’s look at these muscles. so, the texture you appear smooth. It has no column and hence the name is smooth muscle. also, the cells here are long and spindle-shaped.

Like this taper at both ends.now I have a question for you.
– all whatever we eat can we help in the faster or slower movement of that food to reach the stomach and intestine.? no right.

Our body Involuntary muscles

So, since we cannot control their function and their movement. these muscles are called the involuntary muscles of our body.

We spoke about the special feature of contraction and relaxation right. so, this function of the muscle tissue is useful to the vital organs of our body.
This organ continuously contracts and relaxes to pump blood in our body. can you guess the name of this organ.? yes, it’s a heart. let’s look at it.

Now can you guess if a smooth or slighted. here the cells present here are cylindrical branch and they have only one nucleus.

Our body  Strongest muscle

So, let’s look at some fun facts in our body do you know which is the strongest muscle. is it a bicep? Because you can pick up 50 kg 60 kg. or is it our abs muscles. That it’s our tongue?

Yes. it’s our tongue. it’s also a form of muscle and since we talked and talked every day so much it has been put to a lot of exercises.
And therefore, it’s the strongest muscle of our body.

Quickly look at everything
Quickly look at everything.

So, let’s quickly look at everything that we’ve discussed till now,

We talk the three types of muscles.
We talk about the texture.
We talk about the action whether it is voluntary or involuntary.
Then we talk about the cell shape.

I hope the stable helps you remember things easily.

By RMG Perera

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