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The deaths have gone from 427 to 493. and that’s an increase of about 15% that’s a little bit less than it’s been in the last couple of days. confirmed infections have gone to 24,516.

This is an increase of about 19%. There were 657 people healed yesterday. today up to 906. and I think we should see that these numbers are going to continue to increase.
Because these people have been sick for weeks.

Okay, we’re going to talk about some of the quick items in the news. and then we’ll get to the big topic. which has been new drugs that are being looked at to treat the coronavirus pneumonia and lung diseases.

First of all, testing in the United States has typically been done by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) up to this point.

Well, now they are going to distribute those two specifics local labs. so that those labs can process some of these tests that would be done.

Perhaps on a more regular basis. this is the swab up to this point there have been 11 positives out of 178 tests that have been performed. there are another 82 tests that are outstanding right now. And we’ll see what the results of those show.

The diamond princess about 3,700 is on board and this is floating off the coast of Japan. and it looks as though there are 10 positives on board based on the stories that are coming out remember.

This was a ship that had sailed and it was found out that there was a Coronavirus man that was on this ship in late January.

And 10 of them are positive already on the ship. unclear if it was a direct result of this Coronavirus man that had tested positive earlier.

Is there any medications?

So, let’s talk about Remdesivir. and why this is important?   first going back several medications were looked at during the SARS and MERS outbreak both of which by the way are coronaviruses.

There are things they tried to revive. they had tried Remdesivir as well. these are effective in stopping virus production.

Now they looked at this medication. And they tried it in Ebola. and the reason why they did this was that it worked in Ebola.

It worked in vitro in Ebola and they said “maybe we can try this in Ebola patients or in people who are in proximity to people with the Ebola virus”. so that they don’t get Ebola and so when they tried it didn’t work.

Okay, people still got Ebola. nevertheless, before they could take this medication Remdesivir to market before they could even try it in these patients, to make sure it’s safe.

And so, the safety tests have already been done on. Remdesivir we know that it’s a relatively safe medication to use in patients.
The problem was it just didn’t work in patients in real life. but it did work in against a bunch of viruses.

By RMG Perera

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