Drinking water to lose weight

There are several countries with the longest life span. One of them is Japan. The main reasons for the healthy life of the Japanese is their unique culture. It will include hard work, healthy eating, and exercise that is based on Buddhism.

However, water also occupies a special place in Japanese culture. They use steam bathing, storing water at home and cooking using their traditional methods. Japanese water therapy, a water-based therapy used to treat the body. It can be described as a result of Japanese cultural elements.

Nowadays, most of the world’s actors/actresses use this hydrotherapy to maintain their body weight, shape and beauty. The specialty of this is that it is easy to do. So if you follow the simple steps that we are going to talk about today, you will be able to experience the results.

Wake up early in the morning and drink water in the pottery

You should know that drinking water is a good thing when you wake up in the morning. However, this is done in a slightly different way of Japanese water therapy. Putting water in a clay pot overnight absorbs any harmful water.

The water cools as it slowly evaporates through the holes in the earthen vessel. The Japanese believe that it is good for the body.

Put 1L of boiling water every night into the pot. When you wake up in the morning, take a deep breath before doing anything else.

Then pour a glass of water from the pot and drink it. When drinking water, fill your mouth with as little as possible and try to swallow it quickly. drink at least four glasses of water this way.

Clean the mouth and body thoroughly

The second step of Japanese water therapy is to clean the mouth and body thoroughly. So, after drinking water, brushing your teeth, and doing other things, take a good bath. Japanese methods suggest that this should be done before sunrise. So it’s best to wake up in the morning and take a shower.
Here are some benefits of bathing before sunrise.

1- One is that the body wakes up well. when you wake up early in the morning, the laziness that goes along with it disappears as the body gets cold.

2- Blood circulation is stimulated by the need to warm our body.

3- Finally, by taking a shower, you are adjusting your stomach to have a good breakfast.

However, you should refrain from eating or drinking for 45 minutes after showering if it feels good to be hungry right now. It’s a part of Japanese water therapy. You have the opportunity to do your other work in these minutes. It is during this time that fat loss becomes the fastest way to lose weight.

Have a nice breakfast and drink a glass of hot water

The next step in Japanese water therapy is to take a full-fledged diet that can give your body energy. In the second step, your body has been deprived of food for 45 minutes, so that the food is ready for digestion. Therefore, it is necessary to have a balanced diet.

It is essential to have a diet rich in fiber with carbohydrates, proteins and fats. After breakfast, you need to drink hot water. It is best to drink a glass of ordinary.

It is challenging to drink at the same time as a regular tea but to drink warm water that does not burn. During this step, your stomach warms up and allows for better digestion.

Drinking hot water is very important because you may be hungry for a while. It burns fat faster.

Eat a good breakfast, then eat or drink nothing for 2 hours

After a good meal in the morning and a glass of boiling water, it is necessary to digest the food thoroughly. So you should refrain from eating or drinking anything for 2 hours.

Overeating can interfere with the digestive process. After a good meal, the stomach senses the amount of food it is getting and releases digestive juices.
In addition, new foods can cause digestive problems, as they can create repeated digestive juices. After 2 hours, drink a glass of cold water.

This will stimulate the digestion of food that is already digested gradually. And the empty stomach, the water we drink, quickly goes into the colon and absorbs more and more of the body’s tissues.

Although this is the traditional way of the Japanese, it has been scientifically proven that it is the most easily accessible water for the tissues in our joints.
This helps our joints function well and provides a great deal of relief, especially in diseases such as arthritis.

So with these few steps, anyone can follow the water therapy process and lose weight. The main advantage of this is that the higher the water, the greater the flexibility of the skin and muscles. Your skin will be brighter than ever before. This will help you lose weight and keep your body looking beautiful.

By RMG Perera

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