How to calm down when angry?

Anger is one of the hardest things we can control. We don’t know what to say when we’re angry. When the anger is over, there is nothing left for us to do except regret what we have said and done.

Similarly, many of the murders that have been brought before courts have been revealed due to the anger of the accused. Here’s how to manage this temper.

Psychology has explained how to control this anger. Let us analyze them one by one.

When angry, count to 1 to 10

This is one of the simplest activities we’ve ever heard. When something triggers anger, act 1 to 10. Continue this practice of quenching anger. Psychologists believe that taking the time to do this will help to quench your anger.

Please explain it to the person who causes anger

Anger is a punishment by someone else, something that we do ourselves. Therefore, it is a lie to say that we are suffering for the sins of others. So explain to the person who made you angry.

I’m frustrated by what you’ve done, please don’t hurt me, but I’m not angry. But it’s not because I’m afraid of you. Because I am harming myself by being angry.
But take advantage of it and don’t make mistakes like this.

Maybe the one who made a mistake and made you angry will accept what you say. Instead, he or she may become angry again. Then explain to them that angry issues cannot be solved. If the person does not accept it, leave the place without arguing.

Leave the place without arguing

This means getting as far away from the source of the anger as possible. Sitting next to a person who has done something wrong to you can only make your anger worse.

By staying away from such events and people, you will be able to get rid of your anger quickly.

Practice something that will ease the mind

When angry, the mind and body begin to shrink. This is why fatigue becomes intense after anger. By relaxing your mind, you have the opportunity to get out of this situation quickly.

You can breathe deeper for this. Otherwise, just talk words that will ease your mind. At that point, read-only terms like “don’t count, forget.”

Try to turn anger into something Effective

This can be done in several ways. One can translate his anger into a creation. World-famous artists have painted their anger. In the event of anger, please make a note of it and use it later.

Don’t justify anger

Don’t try to justify your anger. Realize that just letting go of anger doesn’t solve the problem. When it comes to fairness, it only makes you angry.

Then you make it a habit of life to get angry. Then you will inevitably become a failed man.

Understand that anger is not a solution to problems

Most people get angry when they are in trouble. But when it comes to solving problems, it must be done very calmly. When someone criticizes you, it is not wrong to explain things to you.

But it should be done without anger. You get angry and make yourself guilty in the face of harsh words instead of just explaining security.

Set aside time to discuss questions

A lot of problems arise between married people when they go to discuss issues. Some wives often ask him questions when his husband returns home from work.

This doesn’t seem right. It is usual for a husband to get angry at this time. Many psychologists say that at bedtime, it is appropriate to discuss problems at home. Since this is a time of relaxation, both of them can solve the problems without much anger.

Don’t ever express anger in front of your children

It hurts their little hearts. In a child’s case, try to explain the fault without being angry. You can discuss it with your best friend, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband if you find it difficult to control your anger.

We will show you another simple activity that can help you to overcome anger.

01- That activity is to go to see the animals. If a fish tank is in the house, go there and immediately observe the behavior of the fish.

02- If your home is a place to feed animals, visit the birds and squirrels. Otherwise, make it a place to eat.

03- Similarly, if you raise a dog or cat in your home, tell your animal about your anger. Don’t attack the animal because of your anger. Some people get angry and attack the animal. It is very degrading.

04- You can listen to music, watch television, or engage in some simple activity. Then our anger will subside.

Don’t let anger build up. Try your best to reduce it. The key here is not to accuse the past of wrongdoing, but to try to correct the present.

By RMG Perera

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