How to reduce cholesterol


Do we need cholesterol? How do we get it? How to reduce cholesterol? What if cholesterol is high? If you know these things, we can save many lives. Do we need cholesterol? Yes, we need cholesterol. Cholesterol is only produced in humans or other animals.

What does cholesterol do? We need cholesterol to make our body’s cell walls, to produce hormones and to produce different things in our body. Does plant oil contain cholesterol?

They don’t have cholesterol. But the fats in them speed up the formation of cholesterol in our body.

Its appearance is that cholesterol is deposited in the blood vessels.
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Types of cholesterol

How many types of cholesterol are there? You’ve heard of HDL, LDL, and VLDL. More TAG’s on the cholesterol report. These are cholesterol types. HDL, LDL, and VLDL are cholesterol-carrying substances.

It is made up of proteins and lipids. So when cholesterol is produced in the liver, our cholesterol is carried throughout the body by LDL.

That is why he puts cholesterol in the blood vessels of the body. In other words, you may have heard that LDL is not good cholesterol.

Different cholesterol types

HDL cholesterol is different from LDL. We say HDL is good cholesterol which is required by the body. HDL is a good thing for our bodies. Then there is a type of cholesterol called VLDL.

TAG is cholesterol, not fat. Once we know more details about these cholesterol types, we can tell you about the various diseases. We consider cholesterol as a combination of these things.

There are certain reports that are required for a cholesterol test. When cholesterol is a deposit in our organs, we get sick. For example, if cholesterol gets buried in the heart’s blood vessels, we get heart disease.

If cholesterol is deposited in our brains, it can cause paralysis. If our kidneys are affected by cholesterol, kidneys will fail.

If cholesterol is stored in the blood vessels of our leg, it can cause a blood clot to form that prevents any blood flow. If cholesterol is unnecessarily high and deposited in the body, it can lead to various diseases.

Therefore, we should always reduce the amount of cholesterol in our bodies in order to get rid of these diseases.

Cholesterol is one thing

Increasing cholesterol also has many causes. There may be genetic factors, our eating habits, our various mistakes (smoking, alcoholic beverages). Things like age, gender change from person to person.

These things can change a single person’s problems with heart disease, kidney disease, and cholesterol.

What we need to know, though, is how much cholesterol our body gets from food. Cholesterol is mainly present in animal foods. Red meats such as mutton and beef are high in cholesterol.

Good cholesterol and bad cholesterol 

Oily foods produce cholesterol in our body. When we eat more plant oils, the fat in our body converts into cholesterol, and the cholesterol production in our body increases.

So we need to reduce the amount of unnecessary cholesterol that our body needs.

You need to reduce your bad cholesterol. Especially, if you are addicted to excessively oily food, especially red meats, you are taking too much cholesterol. Some foods are high in cholesterol.

More fast foods are high in cholesterol. We get good cholesterol from avocados and fish.

Its appearance is low cholesterol diet and high cholesterol diet.
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How to identify high cholesterol

Now let’s see how someone with high cholesterol can be identified. How to identify high cholesterol? First and foremost, we can get a blood test. Blood that is taken after fasting for 12-14 hours is the Total Cholesterol level, HDL, LDL, VLDL we talked about previously.

With this test, we can determine the level of cholesterol in our body. It’s usually best to get a cholesterol test after 35 years.
Then, according to the cholesterol report, your doctor will tell you what to do.

If your doctor says cholesterol is high, what measures should be taken to lower cholesterol? There are three treatment areas. Medicare, dietary supplements, lifestyle changes.

Your doctor will take care of the medication. It reduces cholesterol production. When we take medicine, our body lowers cholesterol production and keeps cholesterol levels low.

Secondly, we need to make sure that the food that we eat is healthy. Finally, if we don’t get physical activity, cholesterol increases.

So, make exercise a part of your lifestyle. Simply walking for 15-30 minutes is great. The next important thing is that smoking and drinking alcohol will increase your body’s cholesterol. Better take care of those things.

If your cholesterol level is high, see your doctor immediately. Your doctor will advise you to save your life.

By RMG Perera

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