Symptoms of high blood sugar.

So what do you feel like when you have high. Now a lot of people who are dealing with diabetes at some point in their life may have felt that they had low blood sugar symptoms.

So it doesn’t feel good it’s very easily identifiable. But today I’m going to talk to you about high blood sugar symptoms.

Now how do you really know that your blood sugars are high?

What symptoms can be related to high blood sugars?

01- Going to the bathroom often.

Frequent use of the toilet can be a health problem.
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You’re going to start going to the bathroom a lot. Here’s why it happens. Your kidneys can only hold on to sugar so much. So after 220 blood sugar in diabetics. If your blood sugar is staying above 220 for a while.

You’re going to dump the sugar into your bladder. And as a result you will end up peeing bunch of sugar and the sugar attracts water.

So you’re going to end up urinating a lot and that’s going to make you what thirsty. Of course, so you’re gonna urinate a lot you’re gonna be thirsty. You’re gonna drink more water and you’re gonna feel like you can drink all the water in the world you’ll still be thirsty.

There’s a problem. If you don’t have diabetes you may have diabetes so you better check your blood sugar or get tested.

02-Feeling tired.

If you always feel very tired, see a doctor immediately.
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You’re going to feel tired as well why. Because if your body is not using the sugar that’s running in your system. It’s like having a bank account with five million dollars but you cannot pay your rent.

That’s a problem right it’s painful its fatigue. It’s gonna because problems and this your muscle will not be able to get to the glucose and as a result, you are going to feel very tired.

03- Headaches.

Always be on the lookout if you have a headache.
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And of course, it’s going to come with a headache as well. Again your brain runs on the glucose the moment that your being your brain is unable to get that glucose. Then you are going to be in trouble and it’s going to trigger a headache.

Not just high blood sugars but fluctuations in your blood sugars as well. Sometimes people will tell,

” Hey if my blood sugar goes down to 110 I have a headache. “

Well that’s not because 110 blood sugar causes a headache. It’s because they’re normally running up to 200-300.

And then a sudden drop in the blood sugar will definitely trigger a headache as well. So fluctuations are definitely a problem.

04-Blurry vision.

Blurred vision may be a symptom of high blood sugar.
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Now if your blood sugars are also running high. Your lens in your eyes will swell and you will start having blurry vision.

So don’t think that you’re going blind. It’s totally reversible but you’re going to have blurry vision and that’s not going to feel right.

05- Diabetes ketoacidosis.

Having said that if you don’t do anything about these symptoms then you continue to ignore yourself and hopefully, you don’t.  But if you do you may end up with something like called DKA. Diabetes ketoacidosis.  Diabetic ketoacidosis typically happens in type 1 patients.

However, type 2 diabetic patients can end up with diabetic ketoacidosis. Especially if there are certain drugs that can make them prone to it. Or if they leave their blood sugar staying running high for a prolonged period of time. What happens is we call that glucotoxicity.

Which means that the glucose the high glucose levels will basically paralyze your pancreas. And your pancreas will stop making insulin.

So what are the diabetic ketoacidosis symptoms?


Abdominal pain.


Fruity breath.



Rapid breathing.


Okay so these are the main problems associated with diabetes again diabetic ketoacidosis is advanced. Like the towards the end stage of diabetes uh symptoms uh on that scale.

If you’re having excessive urination, if you’re feeling thirsty a lot, if you’re feeling headache, weak, tired those are the symptoms of high blood sugars definitely. Blurred vision definitely can be a quick tip for you.

If you don’t feel any of these some people’s eyes are very sensitive to glucose changes as well. So you may realize the blurry vision faster than some other symptoms sometimes.
So I hope that was useful.

By RMG Perera

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