Mental health during Covid 19 and how to improve mental health

I’m doing trying to give you some simple easy reproducible ways that you can work at having good mental health in this tough season we all find ourselves in. today I want to talk about having something as simple as a good diet.

Now I’m not talking about starting something more we might call radical like a keto a vegan or whatever diet book you just read.  I just want you to eat better this week than you did last week.

Wake up happy and see the beauty of the world.
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Eat more Whole Foods and less processed foods. Instead of chicken fingers out of the box. Make chicken at home. Many of us have more time at home each evening.

So why not look at the next week and plan out all of your meals planning good healthy wholesome non-processed foods in all of these meals.

Now eat more vegetables. And eat a wide range of vegetables. Not just the same carrot sticks every day. Even though carrot sticks are good. For me, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, peppers are some of my favorites.

Eat the right balanced diet.
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Try to not also drink calories. Have less pop have less juice and other drinks filled with unnecessary calories. Drink more water. Even lemon water which is what I do daily.

And cut out as many cookies chips muffins and other snacks. And add in more things like apples, bananas or hummus or anything that’s a better healthy more rounded snack.

Eat the right balanced diet.
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Also, try and cut out all aspartame. Someone who struggles with anxiety. Aspartame seems to increase my anxiety. This might be the hardest for people who love Diet Pepsi Coke Zero and the list goes on. 

The challenge here is very simple to eat better. Eat better this week than you did last week. I’d love to hear what you are doing to eat healthier during this season.

Stay strong every day.
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By RMG Perera

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